Greece: Antonia Kaouri submitted her proposal to ERT! | EXCLUSIVE

Antonia Kaouri has submitted her proposal to ERT a while ago, hoping to be the one that claims the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023!

Totally confirming our article from the summer, that wanted the young performer to be interested in waving the Greek flag in Eurovision 2023, just moments ago she has sent her proposal to ERT.

What does Antonia Kaouri’s proposal include?

Antonia Kaouri’s proposal includes a song she wrote herself, both lyrically and musically. The song describes the inner battle from somebody that has to balance between what the society defines as what they must do and what they personally wish to do.

It’s a mordern uptempo song, with sounds that have never represented Greece before in the contest. Taking into consideration that the piece has Antonia’s unique style and her voice quality combined, it’s a proposal with the absolute meaning of the word.

If Antonia Kaouri gets selected as our representative, expert Fokas Evangelinos is going to take over the direction, Ilias Kokotos the general admission of the attempt and Dimitris Kontopoulos the musical revision.

Who is Antonia Kaouri?

We met Antonia Kaouri through her participation in The Voice of Greece where, as early as her Blind Audition, Sakis Rouvas stated that he has already found the winner. She turned all four chairs fast and fairly easily, performing Purple Rain. Although she managed to progress upto the final, the fact that she caught Covid-19 did not allow her to compete and get crowned as the winner.

Antonia Kaouri, despite the fact that she did not win The Voice of Greece, signed a contract with MINOS EMI. Last year she released her first single which is a re-release from Iro’s and Dimitris Kontopoulos‘s great hit, Etsi Einai oi Sheseis (tr. That’s How Relationships Are). The music video is directed by Kostas Karydas, while the instrumentation and production are signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos himself.

Many TV appearances followed, where Antonia with her striking appearance and unique voice quality stood out for her unique style. Kostis Maraveyias in Dynata characterized her as the representative of quality pop music in Greece, while Dimitris Kontopoulos trusted her to perform another one of his songs.

We remind you not to miss our YouTube livestream at Sunday at 00:00, after the closing of the submission window at ERT for Eurovision 2023, where we are going to discuss all the last details for the song selection process for the Greek participation in Eurovision 2023!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news!



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