Greece: This is the ERT jury for Eurovision 2023!

The ERT jury for Eurovision 2023 is getting to work in the next few days. The members of the artistic committee of the Greek public television will in the next few days start listening to the 106 songs submitted for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, in order to initially select the better ones, among which the final choice will be made later.

The members of the ERT committee

The team that wins they say does not change and so this time the committee that has been created to choose the artist, but also the song that will represent Greece at Eurovision 2023 is approximately the same that chose country’s last two entries, both of which they brought Greece to the top 10 of the final standings.

The committee therefore consists of the following:

1. PAPADIMITRIOU DIMITRIS – Composer, Board Member of ERT SA (Chairman)
2. ADAM PETROS – Music Producer (Member)
3. APERGIS FOTIS – Journalist, head of radio broadcasting department of ERA (Member)
4. PETRIDIS YIANNIS – Music Producer (Member)
5. KOZAKOU MARIA – Director of the Second Program of ERA, commentator of the contest (Member)
7. BOUROUNIS KONSTANTINOS – Assoc. ERT General Program Manager (Member)

The schedule of procedures

The committee members are expected to listen individually to the submitted songs. This will be done exclusively at ERT’s headqurters, without the possibility of the songs leaving the building and this to avoid any leakage.

Each member of the jury will choose the songs that considers to be better and deserve as a proposal overall to be in the second phase. Don’t forget that ERT had mentioned in its original announcement-open invitation, that it was looking for complete proposals and not just songs. This includes partners, stage presentation concepts, video clips, promotion, etc.

The songs that receive positive votes from the majority of the jury members will advance to the final stage of the selection. ERT, after the evaluation of the 106 songs by the committee members, will announce the selected artists. Theoretically, an artist can qualify for the next phase with more than one song, since many contestants having the right, submitted two or even three songs.

After the announcement, as happened last year, the artists who have passed to the next phase, will hold meetings with the administration and the committee of ERT, to present their plans. There will of course be interviews on ERT shows so in order the audience can get to know them. The people of Greek public television attach great importance to these meetings, since as they told us last year, the artist who will be selected, represents ERT for months and his or her personality is also important…

After all the above is completed, the announcement of the lucky winner, who will be invited to represent Greece in Liverpool on May 9, 11 and 13, is expected. Last year this was done in mid-December, but this year it might happen even earlier.

Which artists from those who have been known to have submitted participation do you think will be in the final selection phase of ERT? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the Greek participation in Eurovision 2023!

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