MEDINA with ”In i dimman” won OGAE Second Chance 2022 !

After KEiiNO‘s victory with the song Monument last year, OGAE Norway hosted the OGAE Second Chance contest this year. Surprise winners were MEDINA with In i dimman on behalf of Sweden of course!

The final results were as follows:

The countries that take part in the OGAE Second Chance contest are those who choose their Eurovision entry through national selection shows. OGAE Fan Clubs members choose their country’s entry.

This year’s participants were as follows:

# Flag Country Song Artist
01 Ukraine Girls Roxolana
02 Croatia Moli za nas Marco Bošnjak
03 Sweden In I Dimman MEDINA
04 Poland Lovesick Kuba Szmajkowski
05 Spain Ay Mamá Rigoberta Bandini
06 Israel Blinded dreamers Eli Huli
07 Ireland I’m loving me Rachel Goode
08 Italy Ciao, ciao La Rappresentante di Lista
09 Serbia Muškarčina Sara Jo
10 Finland Ram pam pam Bess
11 Romania One night Gabriel Basco
12 Czechia Jezinky Guidi
13 Portugal Ainda nos tamos SYRO
14 Flag of Earth.svg OGAE ROW Heartless game Christina Ramos
15 Latvia BAD Bermudu divsturis
16 Germany Anxiety Felicia Lu
17 Iceland Turn this around Daughters of Reykjavik
18 Albania Theje Alban Ramosaj
19 Norway Someone Northkid
20 Australia Dreamer Voyager
21 Estonia Champion Anna Sahlene
22 Malta Boy Denise
23 Slovenia Mim pravil Batista Cadillac
24 North Macedonia Superman Viktor Apostolovski
25 Lithuania Not your mother Lolita Zero
26 Denmark Rave med de hårde drenge Fuld Effekt
27 France La nuit Pauline Pauline Chagne

Below you can watch the performances and the voting procedure.

Stay tuned on Eurovision Fun for all the developments around the Eurovision Song Contest!

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