Norway: MGP 2023 will have only three semi-finals!

The first details for next year’s Norwegian national final have started to be revealed.  As in previous years NRK will select the Norwegian representative for Eurovision through their national final Melodi Grand Prix.

Melodi Grand Prix 2023

The most meaningful change from last year is that we will have only three semi-finals.  However, the number of songs will remain the same.  Some details are still under discussion.  For instance, it is still possible that we will have an international jury for 2023.  The final decision on the voting system and how this international jury would represent of the overall result are still under discussion.

The atmosphere in the Norwegian camp is very optimistic.  According to Executive tv producer, Stig Karlsen, there are four songs that have the potential to take the Eurovision trophy for Norway this year in Liverpool.

Subwoolfer represented Norway in Turin with the song Give That Wolf A Banana.  The group ended in 10th place with 182 points.

Source: Eurovision Norway

Will Norway get the Eurovision trophy next year?  Stay tuned for more exciting news about MGP 2023

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