Spain: Benidorm Fest 2023 participants announced!

Just a few minutes ago, through RTVE’s ten-minute special, the names of the shortlisted artists who will be part of Benidorm Fest 2023 and will compete to represent Spain in Liverpool next May were made public.

As we had informed you, the scheduled date for the announcement of the artists would take place, unless something unexpected happened, on Saturday 29 October. However, Spanish TV has decided – and after a storm of reactions on Twitter earlier today – to present the shortlist tonight in order to avoid any unwanted leaks.

The surprises, of course, do not stop here as the announcement concerned 18 names and not 16 as RTVE had stated earlier! According to them, this was because “the quality and level of the tracks submitted exceeded all expectations” and so they wanted to give the opportunity to two more compositions to compete.

Thus, the 18 names announced tonight that will fight for the Eurovision 2023 ticket are the following:

  1. AGONEY Agoney - YouTube
  2. E’FEMME
  3. FUSA NOCTADesde Abajo - Single by Fusa Nocta, Arkade Kidd | Spotify
  4. BLANCA PALOMA Blanca Paloma | Spotify
  5. ARITZ ARENAritz Aren - YouTube
  6. RAKKY                                                                               Rakky Ripper Albums: songs, discography, biography, and listening guide -  Rate Your Music
  7. ALFRED GARCIA Alfred García: "Deberían rebautizar Eurovisión como el festival del 'show  business" | El HuffPost Life
  8. SOFIA MARTIN Sofía Martín - YouTube
  9. ALICE WONDER Entrevista a Alice Wonder
  10. FAMOUS Famous Oberogo: "Lola Indigo es una gran artista y estoy encantado de que  me comparen con ella"
  11. MEGARA Entrevistamos a la banda madrileña de metal Megara (2018)
  12. VICCO VICCO - YouTube
  13. TWIN MELODY Descubre a Twin Melody: las gemelas que están revolucionando las redes  sociales
  14. JOSE OTERO May be a closeup of 1 person
  15. KARMENTO Karmento | Spotify
  16. SHARONNE Sharonne: Ser la mejor drag queen en tiempos de ley trans | Famosos
  17. MELER Entrevistamos a los chicos de Meler - Bemol Magazine
  18. SIDERLAND Siderland - YouTube

This Saturday, at 22:05 (CET), a special show will be broadcast on the RTVE network where the above artists will discuss with Julia Varela and Rodrigo Vázquez about their artistic profile, their motivation for coming to Benidorm Fest, their music careers and some details about the projects they have submitted and will release in the months to come!

Guía para no perderse en el Eurodrama del Benidorm Fest

Is there a name that stands out to you? Is there anyone on the list who can continue what Chanel started last year? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Source: RTVE

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