Breaking News: End of Live Streaming during the rehearsals!

The EBU regulations for accreditations in the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest have been posted on the Junior Eurovision official website. The EBU is making another change regarding fan media, since it basically concerns them. Live streaming, which will include images or sound from the organization’s facilities, is no longer allowed, both during rehearsals and during the live shows.

The above is a big change, since now in the live streamings many fan media provide to their followers, apart from what the screens show in the press center, it is not even allowed to hear anything from the rehearsals and the live shows In other words eurofans that mostly watch these live streamings, won’t be able to even get an audible taste of the artists’ performances in the rehearsals. This change concerns the upcoming Junior Eurovision contest, but it is very likely that it will be applied to Eurovision as well.

What is now prohibited:

  • live streaming any video/audio content including any images or sounds from Rehearsals and the Live Show (including any such images or sounds from any of the screens on the JESC’s premises) whether directly or incidentally to video/audio online platforms (including but not limited to on your own websites, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, etc) during times when Rehearsals or the Live Show are in progress;
  • publishing afterwards any such video/audio content, deliberately or inadvertently, containing content from the Rehearsals and Live Show that may have been recorded in the Press Centre Working Area or any other area in the Venue without prior written permission from the EBU;
  • directly monetizing any content related to your attendance at the Event, whether in the Press Centre or in any other part on the Venue at any time, via instant revenue streaming features such as YouTube’s Super Thanks, Tiktok’s LIVE Gifts, etc.

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