Greece: Is ERT considering the public voting in song selection for Eurovision 2023?

A publication that shakes up the current situation and, should it has a basis, overturns the developments regarding the selection of the Greek participation in Eurovision 2023. According to the Typologies, ERT is considering a proposal for public voting in the selection process of the song that will represent Greece in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision!

In the Paron paper and more specifically in Typologies column, which is the most valid television column of the printed and electronic press, is mentioned that:

“There is a proposal and it is being seriously considered this year by the management of ERT to change the way of selecting the Greek participation in the Eurovision contest of Spring 2023 in the United Kingdom. The proposal is for the television audience to choose which of the songs that entered the final selection round will be the one that will represent the country at Eurovision. According to information, while this idea is considered “commercial” for television viewing, it stumbles in the financial part as additional funds will be required for the production.”

The above mentioned are strongly related to what Maria Kozakou stated after the end of this year’s competition in her television interview on ANT1 and on Grigoris Arnautoglou’s show, The Tonight Show

Maria Kozakou had stated that, after having put Eurovision things in a row, after having made suggestions like Stefania and Amanda in recent years, and since the public has been trained in some way, maybe we could also take into account the public voting in the selection.

“Little by little it [public voting] has to enter the process … the five or the ten best songs should be evaluated by people.”

Stay tuned on Eurovision Fun for all the developments regarding the participation of Greece in the upcoming 2023 Eurovision !

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