New voting systems: Not all countries will make the Rest of the World televote!

Yesterday the EBU announced changes to the voting system for the Eurovision Song Contest.  The news took many fans by surprise, as we began to understand the impact of one of the biggest changes in the voting system in recent year.

One of  the most important changes is that now only the vote from the public will chose the finalists in the two semi-finals.  Further, countries not participating in the competition will be able to vote in both Semi-finals and the Grand Final.

There were of course many questions related to the change in the voting rules coming from the fans.  Therefore the EBU, through Eurovisiontv, further clarified how the new voting rules will operate.

In particular, it was explained how the voting of the global public will work, which is expected to change a lot in the competition while also recognizing the global impact of the competition beyond Europe.

Only specific group of countries will make the Rest of the World vote

An important change in the voting rules is the establishment of a Rest of the World vote.  Viewers from non-competing countries will now be able to vote on all shows .

The vote from the global public will be added to the final result as the televote of an additional country. There will be no jury vote from non-participating countries. This means that for Eurovision 2023 we will have 37 sets of scores from an equal number of juries and 38 sets of scores from televoting (37 participating countries + the global audience score). Thus, for the first time the public will have a higher impact in the final result, since their votes will make 50.6% of the final result, with 49.4% coming from the jurors.

In addition, the EBU has revealed that only certain countries not participating in the competition will be able to take part in the vote, with the full list of eligible countries to be published shortly before the show begins.

Those interested will only be able to do so through a secure online platform using a credit card from their country.

The EBU Voting Partner will ensure that only audiences from countries that are allowed to vote online, as defined by the Referral Group, the governing body of the Competition, will be able to vote and be charged accordingly.

Below, you can watch our live broadcast reacting to the change of the voting method, with our guest Agi Menoutis:

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