Norway: Ulrikke is reportedly returning to Melodi Grand Prix

Morten Thomassen, the president of OGAE Norway spoke to the most recent episode of ” The Euro Trip podcast“.

Among others,  he talked about the rumors that two previous Melodi Grand Prix winners are returning to the competition. While he mentioned that Keiino should represent Norway one more time in the future, without revealing if they will participate in the next edition of the program, he made a revelation about the return of 2020 winner, Ulrikke:

“Last Saturday we [OGAE Norway] had our meeting, and we had Ulrikke as a guest. She told us she is going back to Melodi Grand Prix, and she is going to win, and she is going to Eurovision.”

It is not officially confirmed but looks like “Attention” singer is returning to the show, hoping this time to represent Norway at Eurovision 2023.


Ulrikke won Melodi Grand Prix 2020 with the song “Attention” but did not get to represent Norway in the contest since it was cancelled.

Source: The Euro Trip podcast

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