Romania: MIHAI is ready for Selectia Nationala 2023!

Mihai Traistariu is no stranger to the Eurovision community, since he represented Romania at Eurovision 2006 and came to fourth place for his country, with the well-known song “Tornero“.

The singer never stopped trying to get back on the competition scene, often taking part in the Romanian national final, but never winning. In fact, he has sent songs to other countries as well, such as San Marino, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

It may be that in recent years the singer has critized several times the  public television for their choices in the song contest, however the changes in Selectia Nationala 2023, were the ones that made him want to try his luck again and be on the Eurovision stage, after 17 years.

Through his personal Facebook account, MIHAI announced his intention to take part in Selectia Nationala 2023, since the representative of the country will be chosen exclusively by the Romanian public. In fact, he invites all interested composers to send him their songs in order to be the representative of Romania at Eurovision 2023.

In his post, MIHAI states:

As you already know, apart from being a Eurovision mega fan, I also set a goal.
So I started to fight for the first place in Romania which is extremely difficult … but never impossible! This year there will be NO JUDGES and that is a good thing. It will be public vote only. I’ve been saying this from the beginning… Indigenous musicians, when invited to the Eurovision jury, have a natural tendency to sabotage certain artists or composers, with criteria known only to them. There were such examples every year. There is also the reverse: there are judges who favor certain competitors… either out of friendship, or personal interests, or… “so that the neighbor’s goat doesn’t win”! And at that time….. I say a big YES to this year’s selection, precisely because there is no jury. Back to it again… If you know any songwriters, younger or more experienced, who might be looking to try their luck at Eurovision… with Mihai Traistariu… I’m waiting for their demo tracks on my email:

PS : There’s just one thing I want to make clear from the start!
I listen to all the songs I receive and only then can I decide whether or not it is worth taking part in the contest! I’d like to stop throwing myself on the tram if I’m not feeling the song! Come now with this bomb song! Come on, Romania!

The process of Selectia Nationala 2023

Only 12 songs will compete in one night, where the public will exclusively choose the song they wish to represent in Liverpool, at Eurovision 2023.

The deadline for submission of entries for the Selectia Nationala will start on Monday 14th November and will last until 11th December. Then a committee will choose the 12 best songs. The artists who will compete in the Selectia Nationala will be announced no later than December 17th.

The Selectia Nationala will be held on February 11 and the winner will be determined solely by public votes, via sms, and online voting. Both Romanians and foreign citizens can participate, without any restrictions, both in terms of creators and performers.

Romania was represented this year by WRS with the song Llamame, which placed 18th  in the grand final:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Romanian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, in Liverpool!


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