Belgium: The artists themselves will decide which of their two songs they will be taking to Eurosong 2023!

Less than a month before Eurosong 2023, Belgium’s national final for Eurovision 2023, VRT announced that the artists themselves will choose which of their two songs they will be performing and therefore competing with in order to claim the country’s representation in Eurovision 2023.

In the week before the national final, each artist will present the two songs in a remote area, Belgium’s Tournai, to an audience of Belgian artists, and then choose, themselves, which one they will be participating with, after considering the Belgian artists’ advice.

The Eurosong 2023 presenter and commentator for Belgium at Eurovision stated, regarding the procedure:

“We have created a club of artists. Each artist will perform their two songs in front of other singers. Then, all of these singers will advise the artists which of the two is more suitable for the national final. It is up to the artist whether they will listen to their advice or choose themselves.

Artists must realize that, with their choice, they may give away their victory to someone else, which is not so obvious in such a competition.”

We remind you that the Eurosong 2023 final will take place on January 14 at Paleis 12/Palais 12 in Brussels. You can listen to a snippet of all the songs here.

After Jeremie Makiese’s 19th place in Eurovision 2022, Belgium are attempting to return to the left side of the scoreboard. You can remember last year’s Miss You below:

Which of the candidate songs do you think you will be rooting for, judging by the released snippets? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Eurovoix

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