Greece: 7 songs on ERT’s final shortlist!

A short while ago, during a broadcast on Greek public television, more details were revealed about the process that will be followed from now on for the final selection of the country’s participation in Eurovision 2023. The most important thing that was revealed is that seven songs were selected for the shortlist, as opposed to last year’s five.

As it was said in the broadcast the “Public Committee”, a number of Greek civilians that will be involved in the final song selection, has already been completed through the electronic lottery held at ERT’s radio building yesterday.

The members of the committee will listen on Wednesday 28/12 with headphones and in small groups, but also in different rooms, to the seven songs that remain in the process and have been selected by the creative committee.

Furthermore, ERT’s legal department has drawn up specific confidentiality protocols, which the 70 members of the Public Committee will be asked to follow. so that none of the songs are leaked.

Immediately after the evaluation of the seven songs by the Public Committee, the names of the seven artists who continue to compete for the Greek representation in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be publicly announced.

After the audition and scoring of the seven songs by the Public Committee, the artists will have separate appointments with their teams and the ERT committee, in order to present their plans for the contest, in case they are selected.

The final decision on the artist and the song that will represent Greece will be announced in early January.

Which seven artists do you think are on ERT’s final shortlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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