Israel: Noa Kirel will chose between two songs for Eurovision 2023!

Israeli representative for Eurovision 2023, Noa Kirel, has revealed more information about the preparations for her next year’s participation in Liverpool.

During her interview she mentioned in particular, that she has recorded two tracks to chose her Eurovision song.  Furthermore, she will have the last say when making this final decision in collaboration with her team, Doron Medalie, composer of several former Eurovision songs from Israel (2015, 2016, 2018 and 2020) and the Israeli broadcaster.

The two potential songs have English lyrics with some phrases in Hebrew.  Musically speaking, the Israeli song will have some distinctive oriental elements . According to Noa, her goal is that her song becomes a global success.  In addition to this, it was revealed that one song will be about “love and romance”.  The second song on the other hand is about “empowerment”.

Michael Ben David represented Israel this year with his song I.M.  However, he did not make it to the finals ending in 13th place in the second semi-final.


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