Malta: Listen to snippets from the MESC 2023 songs!

Malta’s public television, TVM, has decided to hold a national final to select its entry for Eurovision 2023. Thus, MESC is back for another year.

We already know the 40 artists and songwriters that will compete in the MESC 2023 semi-finals.

A short while ago, snippets of the songs that will compete for the country’s representation in Liverpool were revealed through Malta’s social media for Eurovision.

You can listen to the nominated songs in the list below by clicking on the song titles:

  1. Aidan – “Reġina”
  2. Andre’ – “Broken Hill”
  3. Bradley Debono – “Blackout”
  4. Brooke – “Checkmate”
  5. Cheryl Balzan – “La La Land”
  6. Chris Grech – “Indescribable”
  7. Christian Arding – “Eku ċar”
  8. Clintess – “Lura qatt”
  9. Dan – “It’ll Be OK”
  10. Dario – “Pawn in a Game”
  11. Dario Bezzina – “Bridle Road”
  12. Dominic and Anna – “Whatever Wind May Blow”
  13. Eliana Gomez Blanco – “Guess What”
  14. Fabrizio Faniello – “Try to Be Better”
  15. Francesca Sciberras – “Masquerade”
  16. Geo Debono – “The Mirror”
  17. Giada – “I Depend on You”
  18. Greta Tude – “Sound of My Stilettos”
  19. Haley – “Tik Tok”
  20. Ian “On My Own”
  21. Jake – “Love You Like That”
  22. James Louis – “Dream”
  23. Jason Scerri “Anything Can Happen”
  24. Jessika – “Unapologetic”
  25. John Galea – “Trailblazer”
  26. Kirstie – “Girls Get Down”
  27. Klinsmann – “Piranha”
  28. Lyndsay – “Haunted”
  29. Maria Christina – “Our Flame”
  30. Maria Debono – “X’allegrija”
  31. Marie Claire – “Thankful”
  32. Mark Anthony Bartolo – “Tears”
  33. Matt Blxck – “Up”
  34. Maxine Pace – “Alone”
  35. Mikhail – “Leħen fiċ-ċpar”
  36. Nathan – “Creeping Walls”
  37. Ryan Hili – “In the Silence”
  38. Stefan – “Heartbreaker”
  39. Stefan Xuereb – “What Do You Want?”
  40. The Busker – “Dance (Our Own Party)”

Among them, we find, first of all, Brooke who has tried to represent the country in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and although the fanatics of the competition strongly supported her, she did not manage to succeed. Two contestants of last year’s MESC, MATT BLXCK and Aidan are back, while we also have three past representatives, Fabrizio Faniello (Malta 2001 and 2006), Jessica (San Marino 2018) as well as Eliana Gomez Blanco who represented her country at Junior Eurovision 2019.

The 24 songs that will qualify for the semi-final will be selected from four heats through public and jury voting. In the Semi-Final, the 16 finalists will be selected to compete in the Grand Final.

Through a draw, it was determined that the first song that will be featured in the first heat is Hailey‘s “Tik Tok“, while the last song to compete in the fourth heat will be Maria Cristina‘s “Our Flame“.

The schedule of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is as follows:

  • Heat 1 – January 13th
  • Heat 2 – January 20th
  • Heat 3 – January 27th
  • Heat 4 – February 3rd
  • Semi-Final – February 9th
  • Grand Final – February 11th

Finally, the slogan of MESC 2023, entitled “LET US SHINE“, was announced.

Did you pick out any of the songs from MESC 2023? Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

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