Spain: the songs of Benidorm Fest 2023 to be revealed this Sunday!

Spanish TV doesn’t stop surprising us this year!

As we informed you, RTVE had announced Monday 19 December as the official release date of the entries, but according to the latest statements of the channel there seem to be changes in the scheduling.

As can be seen from the way the organizers have handled the whole project after Chanel’s third place in Turin so far, it is quite obvious that public television wants to attract the interest of as many Spanish people as possible to BenidormFest.

It was therefore decided that this Sunday, right after the end of the World Cup final, around 19 CET, this year’s songs will be broadcast on TV through the La 1 frequency and then will be available on the RTVEplay platform. It should be noted at this point that the 2018 World Cup final in Spain had a viewership of 57.3% with over 8,200,000 viewers!

On Monday, December 19, a press conference will be held with the 18 artists at 11:30 CET to discuss their thoughts and feelings about this year’s festival as well as any acceptance their songs have managed to gain in the last few hours. Subsequently, the candidate songs will be available on all digital platforms after 13 CET, as the original announcement predicted.

We remind you that the titles and artists already announced are:

  • Quiero arder – Agoney
  • Desde que tú estás – Alfred García
  • Yo quisiera – Alice Wonder
  • Flamenco – Aritz Arén
  • EaEa – Blanca Paloma
  • Uff! – E’ffemme
  • La Lola – Famous
  • Mi familia – Fusa Nocta
  • Inviernos en Marte – José Otero
  • Quiero y duelo – Karmento
  • Arcadia – Megara
  • No nos moverán – Meler
  • Tracción – Rakky Ripper
  • Aire – Sharonne
  • Que esclati tot – Siderland
  • Tuki – Sofía Martín
  • Sayonara – Twin Melody
  • Nochentera – Vicco

Source: RTVE

Stay Tuned to Eurovisionfun for more news on Benidorm Fest 2023!

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