Spotify: “Snap” has surpassed Måneskin’s “Zitti e Buoni”, becoming the 2nd most-streamed Eurovision song of all times!

We have already talked about the fascinating story of Rosa Linn’s “Snap”, which despite its mediocre success in ESC, is doing great on the streaming platforms.

As of today, “Snap” is not only the most popular Eurovision 2022 song on Spotify, but has also managed to become the 2nd most streamed Eurovision song, surpassing “Zitti e Buoni” by Måneskin.

“Snap” has managed to muster 358 million streams, a few streams more than the ESC 2021’s winning song, and the former’s run doesn’t seem to be stopping there. The only question that remains, is whether Rosa Linn will be able to break Duncan Laurence’s record and surpass the 849 million streams of “Arcade” and become the most streamed Eurovision song of all time!

Below you can watch the new music video of “Snap”, that was released a few time ago:

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