Ukraine: Country’s head of delegation states that they’re aiming to win Eurovision 2023!

Last Saturday, the Ukrainian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 took place, in which TVORCHI were crowned the winners with their song “Heart of Steel”.

After the completion of the national final, the head of the country’s delegation to the contest, Oksana Skybinska, spoke about TVORCHI’s victory, but also about Eurovision 2023.

Specifically, she stated that everyone worked hard for the realization of Vidbir 2023, under harsh war conditions, and that she is completely satisfied with the final result.

In addition, she stated that she’s happy about the fact that Ukraine will be represented by a song of western sound, different to the country’s ethnic recipe of the last years.

“The important thing is that the song is original, of high quality and reflects the current state of the Ukrainian music scene.”

According to the head of the Ukrainian delegation, the next stage will be the signing of the contract with the winners, while preparations for the group’s appearance on the stage of Eurovision 2023 are due to begin soon.

Finally, she commented on the fact that Ukraine is, for the second year in a row, in the first place of betting odds, saying:

“Of course, going into the competition, we want to win. We’re fighting for the first place, because there is always a new artist who passes new messages, showcases their work, their hopes on the song. Therefore, it cannot be said that because Ukraine won last year, we can’t do it again.

However, this is a competition and it is still too early to talk about betting odds. Of course, the goal is the highest result.

Eurovision 2023 will be very special and unique. There has never been such a contest, a country running the contest on behalf of another. Therefore, we are actively working on the presence and visibility of Ukraine in various aspects of the competition.”

Below you can watch the Eurovisionfun team commenting on the participation of TVORCHI with the song “Heart of Steel”.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding Ukraine’s participation in Eurovision 2023!


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