Ukraine: KRUTb appeals against TVORCHI! | Selection of “Heart of Steel” is still valid, Suspline confirms!!

Last Saturday, 17th of December, the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2023 took place, crowning as the winners of this year’s Vidbir the band TVORCHI with the song Heart of Steel.

We’re a couple of days away from the Ukrainian national selection finals and just yesterday, Monday, the Ukrainian organizing commitee had to take the appeal of finalist KRUTb, against the winning act TVORCHI, into consideration!

According to KRUTb, the main vocal part during the performance of TVORCHI seemed to be a lead dub, something that is against the rules of the Ukrainian national selection.

The organizing committee heard the assessment of the music producer of the Ukrainian national selection Dmytro Shurov, who noted that only after he watched the live broadcast of the final show, during the performance of TVORCHI, at the indicated seconds of the song, a voice double can be heard. However, this was such a subtle detail that only sound and music professionals could observe. That said, such a tiny non-compliance to the rules of the national selection cannot cause the disqualification of TVORCHI as the country’s representatives next year.

The organizing committee also took into account that a lot of finalists committed a number of minor violations during the National Selection, but none of them was a sufficient reason to disqualify any of the participants. The organizing committee of course had to take into cosnideration the special conditions of this year’s selection both for the rehearsals of the artists and for the work that the music producer, the team of organizers and producers of the television version all had to do.

KRUTЬ doubted the validity of the selection of TVORCHI by mentioning that their distribution company called “Beliebe” continues to operate on the territory of the aggressor country. However, “Believe” is a French company engaged in music distribution in Europe and Asia. The distribution of finalists’ songs by this company is not a violation of the rules of the National Selection. Five out of ten finalists of the National Selection published their competition songs through the same distributor, being the distribution company “Believe”.

The Eurovision Organizing Committee decided that the appeal of the finalist KRUTЬ is not a valid reason to disqualify TVORCHI’s participation in the National Selection, therefore, their selection as Ukraine’s representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest next year. In addition, as Dmytro Shurov suggested, the organizing committee decided to improve the organization of the selection in the future to involve an additional specialist who will monitor the compliance of the broadcast sound of the participants’ performances with the rules during rehearsals and live broadcasting.

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