Armenia: Brunette to represent Armenia at ESC 2023?

According to Armenia will be represented by Brunette at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

The artist hails from the capital of the country, Yerevan. Although her stage name is ‘Brunette’ – the actual name of hers is Elen Eremyan.  She’s currently one of the most loved Armenian singers. Last year she released three singles which brought her incredible success among Armenians from all over the world. The singer’s latest release “Bac Kapuyt Achqerd” was uploaded 4 months ago, yet it managed to obtain almost 5 million views on Youtube.


Supposedly her song for ESC is in RnB genre and is written mainly by herself. The source also mentions that the Armenian delegation this year unlike any other year will release the competing entry at the end of February.

Previously, the same source revealed that Rosa Linn would represent Armenia last year in February, while she was announced only in the middle of March. 

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