Austria: With a female singer in Eurovision 2023 – Official announcement next week!

The Eurovision Scout of ORF, the national public broadcaster of Austria, Eberhard Forcher posted on his Facebook account today that the official announcement for the representation of Austria at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, is going to take place in less than a week.

Eberhard Forcher has been the Eurovision Scout of ORF since 2016 and thanks to him the central European nation was represented in the Contest by Nathan Trent, César Sampson and LUM!X.

Aside from the fact that the representative is going to be a woman, Eberhard Forcher mentioned that what Austria is up to, is something unprecedented while he also pointed out the vocal skills of the singer.

Last year Austria was represented in Turin by Pia Maria & LUM!X with the song Halo. They unfortunately didn’t manage to qualify to the Grand Final as they ended up in the 15th place of the First Semi-Final.

Stay tuned on Eurovision Fun for all the news regarding Austria in Eurovision 2023!

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