Bedwetters – Big changes to our show in the Final! | Exclusive Interview

Right after their qualification to the final of Eesti Laul, the Estonian national final for Eurovision, Rauno Kutti of the Bedwetters gave an exclusive interview to EurovisionFun‘s Paschalis.

Bedwetters are an estonian band that will try to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023 with their song “Monsters“.

Some things about the band

We started with the band when we were 15 or something. We were just some rock and roll emo punk rock guys who wanted to do shows. Within a few years the band grew very popular and we entered some local competitions. MTV Estonia saw us performing and winning some local awards and thought that this band was going to be big. Later on we won the MTV Award and things blew up for us. It was a very interesting time. We made an album in Sweden. We kind of broke up as we separted as we grew older, and each one of us proceeded. Joosep, our singer is a very well known producer in electronic music. Everyone of us has their family and kids, but we realized that this creative side of our life was missing. We then joined together and we have recorded our new album.

Eesti Laul and Eurovision was a nice way to reintroduce ourselves. Soon enough we will have a few songs coming out. It’s really nice to see that people like our new music. It’s pretty exciting.

Eesti Laul is the biggest competition in Estonia and has a very large media attention. We had the opportunity to promote our new album and music.

About the song “Monsters”

Monsters has been ready for almost half a year now. We thought that Eesti Laul was a great platform for this song. We knew that the song would work in any other genre, so it was the right song to enter the competition. We thought on how to make it exciting for everyone. We created something different, but that people would be able to recognize.

The lyrics are not about a dog and its owner. Everyone has some sides that we want to hide, there are monsters inside every one of us. Sometimes we want to hide them away, but sometimes they come out and cause whatever the monsters are doing. It’s about dark feelings in ourselves that we want to hide away.

About their appearance

The name of the song is a playful way to go. Bedwetters has never been a costume band, we dress up differently according to the mood. We went to do something crazy to spark the interest of people. We used ourselves as much as possible to play around with people’s reactions. The idea came from the song itself. We got eight of the best makeup artists to work with us. It was three hours of makeup for each person! We had to wear these masks for many hours.

The show will not be the same in the final! We are going to have a meeting with our producers and we have some more ideas to put on stage. Some of our original ideas couldn’t make it, but hopefully we can bring them up for the final.

Other Eesti Laul songs that they liked

Ollie’s song is really strong and we’ve been monitoring what’s going on in the media. Ollie’s song and our song are trending in the viral and daily top 50 songs. Ollie is definitely a very good contender. We also liked the song of Kaw. In the second semi final there were lots of ballads. We are emphasizing the show side. We also really like Meelik and have a good time in the backstage. It’s a treat for us.

Estonian Eurovision entries from the past that they liked

Obviously Tanel Padar & Dave Benton, which was a huge hit by winning the contest. There’s always a bit of talk about Leto Svet. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. I think the reason is because the guys are known for decades in Estonia. I also remember Ines with a really nice song. Ivo Linna & Maarja-Liis with Kaelakee hääl is also legendary and everybody knows it.

Other Eurovision entries from the past that they liked

I really love Ukraine’s song from last year. I like to compare ourselves with them. I love the national heritage behind the music, which is great. I also remember Germany, a girl who was singing a country tune. I can also remember Netta from recent times, who was very creative with her lyrics and she was spot-on. She was loved and hated at the same time, but I think she was amazing.

Eurovision is a huge thing in Estonia. My wife and I were in France some years ago when Eurovision was going on and there weren’t any cafes or restaurants that showed it. My family and I have always watched Eesti Laul and Eurovision and it’s very tied to the Estonian tradition.

Their message to the readers and viewers of Eurovisionfun

Thank you for putting so much attention to Bedwetters. We are coming out with a new album really soon after the final! Tune in to Bedwetters, come to our concerts, listen to our music and talk with us! When we make it to the Eurovision we are going to put on a great show!

Watch the interview with Rauno from Bedwetters here:

Watch the live performance of “Monsters”:

We would like to thank Rauno and wish him luck in his Eurovision journey that has just begun!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for more interviews and news about Eurovision 2023! 

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