Belgium: The Starlings are dissatisfied with the result of Eurosong 2023!

The Starlings (Tom Dice, Kato Callebaut) in last night’s show of the Belgian national final Eurosong 2023, very narrowly took the second place in the standings with only one point separating them from the winner Gustaph. The result was formed like so because, regardless of the fact that they were the audience’s favourites, the jury didn’t vote for “Rollercoaster” enough. Detailed results and information about the performances can be read in our Eurosong 2023 article.

More specifically, Tom Dice seemed particularly unhappy with the jury’s voting and said the following in an Instagram post, not leaving Alexander Rybak‘s remark about the similarity of “Rollercoaster” to a well-known Ed Sheeran song unchallenged:

“Thank you so much for voting us up so massively! 1 out of 4 people voted for “Rollercoaster” yesterday, which is insane.

(Part of) the 15-member jury had a different opinion. So we are very disappointed. There was barely any talk about our performance, voices and music.

It felt like a lack of respect for the work that went into this.
We are asking ourselves a lot of questions.
Whether we will get an honest answer from those people, I doubt it.
It doesn’t feel right.

If it depends on you, “Rollercoaster” will be on every music channel and streaming playlist in Flanders starting today, and that’s a nice consolation. You guys are the sweetest people and we prefer to have them close to us.”

At the end he will not forget to congratulate Gustaph on his victory with a beautiful message:

“@stefgustaph you deserve this and I love you! You are a great man and after 2 times being under or behind the stage it may now be FULL in the spotlight. I will traditionally support and be proud of you in “me and my guitar” suit. You worked hard!”


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Gustaph got the ticket to represent Belgium in Liverpool for Eurovision 2023 with his song “Because of You”, receiving 121 points from the jury and 157 from the audience.


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