Estonia: The results of the second semi-final of Eesti Laul 2023!

The second and last semi-final of Eesti Laul 2023, the selection process for the next Estonian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, has just finished. In today’s second semi-final, ten songs competed for the remaining five tickets leading to the grand final.

The presenters of the evening were, yet again, Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets while the show took place at Viimsi Artium in Viimsi.

The Participants:

The artists that participated in the second semi-final of Eesti Laul 2023 were as follows:

  1. Inger – Awaiting You
  2. Linalakk & Bonzo – Aeg
  3. Meelik- Tuju
  4. Elysa – Bad Philosophy
  5. Robin Juhkental – Kurbuse matused” 
  6. m els – So Good At What You Do
  7. Wiiralt – Salalik
  8. Sissi – Lighthouse”’
  9. Carlos Ukareda – “Whiskey Won’t Forget
  10. Alika – Bridges

The Show:

1. Inger – Awaiting You

Inger is opening the second semi-final. His performance starts with him being on a round platform, sitting on a chair. Although he is very present and playful during his performance, he has trouble with his vocals.

2.Linalakk & Bonzo – Aeg

The first Estonian ballad of the night. An atmospheric setting yet an uneventful performance.

3. Meelik  Tuju

Meelik are using a black and white effect for their performance until the third chorus. They were very professional and had a well thought-out performance.

4. Elysa – Bad Philosophy

The second runner-up of Eesti Laul 2022 performs an 80s influenced pop song. She is accompanied by three dancers that were stylized as David Bowie. A pretty wooden performance from her behalf.

5. Robin Juhkental – Kurbuse matused

Robin is accompanied by a pianist, a drummer and a dancer. It’s a nice performance but it fails to generate any emotion.

6. m els – So Good At What You Do

The red colour prevails in m els’ performance. She performs while standing on a high platform. She’s a present performer and a good vocalist.

7. Wiiralt – Salalik

Another black and white performance on tonight’s semi-final. It’s a good performance but very reminiscent of Meelik’s performance.

8.Sissi – Lighthouse”’

Sissi is dressed in white for her Eesti Laul performance. Manages to stand out and make a statement while being on her own.

9.Carlos Ukareda – “Whiskey Won’t Forget

Carlos is alone with a guitar on the stage. He’s dressed in black. A flawless performance.

10.Alika – Bridges

Alika is accompanied by a piano that has the illusion of playing on it’s own. She’s dressed in white. A charismatic performer.

The results

The five artists who qualified for the final of Eesti Laul 2023 were determined after two rounds of voting. In the first round of voting, four qualifiers were determined by a 50% jury and 50% televoting system. In the second round of voting, a new vote was held and one more qualifier was chosen solely by the televoting.

Before announcing the results, the presenters announced the jury’s top four favourites in random order with them being Alika, Meelik, Sissi and Wiiralt!

In the first round, the following four songs qualified:

Among the six remaining songs, this is the last song to qualify to the final:

After the announcement of the televote qualifier of the second semi-final, the presenters announced that two more artists who did not make it directly from the semi-finals to the finals will also qualify for the final of Eesti Laul through phone votes only. Voting closes on 16 January at 18:30 CET. Voting will be based on the same numbers as the semi-finalists.

These are the artists who didn’t qualify from the Eesti Laul semi-finals:

  1. Ellip – “Pretty Girl
  2. Kaw – “Valik
  3. Merlyn – “Unicorn Vibes
  4. Mia – “Üks samm korraga
  5. Neon Letters and Maiko – “Tokimeki
  6. Linalakk and Bonzo – “Aeg
  7. Elysa – “Bad Philosophy
  8. Robin Juhkental – “Kurbuse matused
  9. Wiiralt – “Salalik
  10. Carlos Ukareda – “Whiskey Won’t Forget

These are the finalists of Eesti Laul 2023 so far:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news regarding the Estonian participation in Eurovision 2023.

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