Greece: Shout out is not disqualified despite being leaked!

One of the three remaining competing songs for Greece this year has been leaked on social media and based on our greek websites, the song will not be disqualified from the selection.

Based on our research, ERT decided not to disqualify “Shout out” at the moment, based on the fact that it does not violates any of the EBU rules.

Last year, Die Together has also been leaked-as a demo- a month earlier than expected, and many other songs from these year’s national finals. This situation is usual and cannot be dealt with.

ERT continues the process with the three remaining songs and ,by the end of the month, there will be official announcements about the artist and the song that will represent Greece at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The three songs that are still in the selection are:

Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar

Victor Vernicos – What They Say

Αντωνία Καούρη & Μαρία Μαραγκού – Shout Out

You can vote in our poll to share your opinion of “Shout Out”:

The previous days artists and their teams met up with the Greek Jury to discuss their  detailing proposal for Eurovision (VideoClip, Promotion, Staging etc). That’s the exact process that took place last year also. Next up, the jury will give their final vote, just like the Audiance jury, and the song and artist will be selected for Eurovision 2023! The announcement will probably happen in January.

Stay tuned in Eurovisionfun for all the latest news of our favourite contest!

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