New Zealand in the Eurovision Song Contest: it’s a YES from the EU Ambassador!

Nina Obermaier, the Ambassador of the European Union in New Zealand, is in favor of New Zealand’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In an interview she gave to Charlotte Cook, on the radio-show Morning Report of RMZ, the EU Ambassador suggested that should it be supported by the public, the Oceanic nation should apply for participation.

“Yes absolutely … I don’t see any reason why New Zealand would not be able to join [Eurovision]. It would require a bit of enthusiasm though because … Eurovision is massive … [there are] viewing parties all over Europe and [Australia].”

Ambassador Obermaier proposed that New Zealand could apply in the same way Australia and SBS did , by taking into account the fact that they have been an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Television New Zealand (TVNZ) has held this distinction since 1980.

If New Zealand were allowed to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest, Ambassador Obermaier suggested that the country should select its representative through a national show like many other European countries. However she avoided saying who could be the most appropriate representative by saying:

“I think this will be for New Zealanders to nominate.”

This is not the first time the participation of New Zealand in a Eurovision-related competition is being discussed. In 2018 TVNZ discussed the participation in the Eurovision Asia Song Contest. When this contest was abolished, Eurovision fans suggested that New Zealand should debut in the Eurovision Song Contest , with the argument that Australia had started taking part since 2015. Former EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, also supported the idea tweeting it should be given “serious consideration”.

However, in 2021 the EBU stated there were “no plans … to invite New Zealand”, noting that Australia’s participation was due to the fact SBS had been broadcasting the contest for over three decades.

Would you like to see, after Australia, another Oceanian state, New Zealand with a strong European element, taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Aussievision

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