Patrisha: “I want to surprise the audience with my performance” | Exclusive Interview

One of the candidates of this year’s national final of Latvia, Patrisha spoke exclusively to Bogiannos Apostolos and Matamis Apostolis from EurovisionFun, about her participation in Supernova 2023, with the song “Hush“.

Starting her musical career from a very young age, she understood from a very early age her love for singing and musicals. But how did she make the decision to take part in the national final for 2023?

“In previous years, I was in the backing vocals of other participations, such as in 2016! In 2019 I performed my first song as a guest on Supernova and I received many messages to take part but I felt it was not the right time then. This year, I know what I want to present and I finally decided to take part”

In our question, she revealed that although the song was written for Eurovision, she considers herself to write songs as an artist with a vision and simply came up in the studio to come up with Eurovision. About her stage appearance at the national final, Patrisha said:

“On the stage of the national final you will see Patrisha! I want to keep my ideas on my head and when I’m ready to go on stage, to show everyone what I’ve prepared and enjoy it!”

In closing, she revealed to us that her favorite entry from Latvia is Carousel from 2019, as she loves the intimacy and simplicity they brought as artists to the competition stage. Her favorite entry from the competition is that of Ukraine from 2021, as she would also like to collaborate with the singer of the band Go_A.

Finally she sang us a part of her song acapella.

Watch the full interview below:

Listen to her song “Hush” from Supernova:

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