Spain: RTVE jury results are out!

According to the main favourites of the RTVE jury were Aritz Arén, Alice Wonder and José Otero. The proposals that obtained the lowest scores were those of Siderland and Karmento: ‘Que esclati tot’ and ‘Quiero y duelo’ could have been left out of the contest if RTVE had not modified the bases to expand from 16 to 18 participants.

The favourite of the bookies and eurofans, Fusa Nocta, with her song ‘Mi Familia’ was able to receive 79 points, which made it tie with Sofia Martin’s ‘TUKI’ placing 12/11 consecutively.


The latest version of this year’s rules indicates that the jury could select up to six substitutes. For the 2022 Benidorm Fest, the jury chose 14 participants and six substitutes. If this year the same system had been repeated, ‘Aire’ by Sharonne and ‘Quiero arder’ by Agoney could also have been left out, which were the fifteenth and sixteenth most valued proposals, respectively.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun regarding ESC 2023!



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