Sudden Lights:”We want the audience to have the feeling of a rock concert” | Exclusive Interview

The band Sudden Lights is participating in this year’s Latvian national final, Supernova 2023, in order to Wim the ticket that will lead them to the stage of Eurovision 2023. The band spoke exclusively to Bogiannos Apostolos and Matamis Apostolis from EurovisionFun about their participation in Supernova 2023, with the song “Aijā“.

They have known each other for many years, as they know each other from their common music school. The band had taken part in Supernova 2018 with the song “Just Fine” without  receiving the ticket for Eurovision, however as they stated this was the moment they entered the musical events of the country and indeed at a very young age. After this first attempt they got quite a few fans as well as many opportunities. For this year’s participation  at Supernova 2023, they themselves revealed to us:

“This year we have a very good feeling that we have something good to say and a strong message for both Latvian and European audiences!”

On the message behind their entry “Aijā”, the band stated that the song is a lullaby and that in the difficult times we live in, we all need a lullaby to be able to sleep. Then they revealed to us that the song was not written exclusively for the competition but during the preparation process of the new album they are preparing. About their stage performance at the national final, Sudden Lights said:

“On the semi-final stage we will be with our instruments and we want to bring the feeling of a rock concert on stage!”

Among their favorite Latvian entries in the contest, they mentioned the country’s first Eurovision entry, “Lucky Star“, as an important and emotional moment for their country. While as favorite entries of the competition they mentioned Maneskin and Barbara Pravi from 2021, as well as Alexander Rybak from 2009.

Finally they sang us a part of their song acapella .

Check out the exclusive Sudden Lights interview in the video below:

Listen to their entry for Supernova 2023:

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