Tiril: It’s all about the song | Interview

Some days before the third semi final of MGP 2023, we had the joy to chat with Tiril from Norway. The singer is competing with the song “Break It” and talked with EurovisionFun’s Paschalis.

She talked about her song and why she decided to participate in MGP.

“Break It” is my entry. It’s written by my two favorite songwriters in Norway, Emma Steinbakken and Emelie Hollow and produced by Benjamin Pinkus and Lars Rosness. I’m also a songwriter, but I haven’t written anything in the song, I just asked to sing it. They liked what they heard and now I’m here and I couldn’t be more happy!
The song is really good and suits me very well.

It’s an amazing oppotunity. I always wanted to be an artist. This is a great way to start my career. I can show myself to the world and meet people who like this kind of music.

She also revealed a few things about her stage performance.

I love the stage show that we’ve put together. It will look very dramatic. It’s all about the song. I wanted it to be about my voice. There’s not going to be a lot of things happening. I’m also going to wear red, my favorite color! I’m super excited about the dress that I’m going to wear.

We asked her opinion about the other MGP contestants.

That’s hard to say. There’s a lot of people I knew and new faces. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I think Ulrikke might be the strongest competitor. She has a lot of fans from before and already won MGP. Her song is amazing this year so I’m scared of her, but also very happy to be in the same competition.

She talked about Eurovision and older entries she likes.

Eurovision is a tradition for me. I love watching it every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve because you get to stay up late and watch so many countries.

I just remember very well Margaret Berger with “Feed you my love”. I loved the song and the stage show. That’s my favorite one. When I was in school I emailed Margaret Berger and told her that I want to be an artist and asked to work with her for a day and I loved it.

My childhood favorite was Lena with “Satellite”. There’s also “Euphoria” which is one of my favorites.

Finally as you can see in the video, she sang a little part of her entry, Break It.

Thank you for your support and love. I appreciate every kind word that I’ve gotten so far. It’s amazing!

Listen to “Break It” by Tiril:

We thank Tiril for her interview and wish her best luck!

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for more interviews and news!

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