Cyprus: Andrew’s Lambrou song will be released on the 2nd of March!

According to INFE Greece, Andrew Lambrou, the Cypriot representative for Eurovision 2023, has visited Athens to film his entry’s videoclip and has announced that the Cypriot entry will be officially released and known to public on the 2nd of March!

According to the initial plans, RIK, the Cypriot broadcaster, was planning to release the Cypriot entry on late January. Although, the plans were abandoned due to the national elections. At the moment, the video clip is on the making, including shooting both outdoors and inside a studio.

The videoclip’s director is Yiorgos Mpenioudakis, a director who has worked with many famous Greek artists, such as the former Eurostar, Eleni Foureira. The artistic director of this year’s Cypriot entry will be Marvin Dietmann, who has a big experience and has been involved with many Eurovision entries the past years, such as the two precedent Cypriot entries(Elena Tsagkrinou,Andromache). Marvin Dietmann along with Ross Nicholson, who belongs to Black Skull, the worldwide-known team of directors, will be in charge of Andrew’s Lambrou stage performance on Liverpool.

The Cypriot team is willing for a great result in this year’s contest, which slowly reflects on the betting odds, hoping for the rise to continue also after the release of the song.

This year’s Cypriot entry is signed by the following composers all of them having a big experience working for Eurovision entries:

  • Thomas Stengaard : Denmark 2013, Germany 2018, Germany 2019, San Marino 2021, Cyprus 2021, Azerbaijan 2022
  • Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt : Sweden 2021, San Marino 2021, Cyprus 2021
  • Jimmy Jansson : Denmark 2020
  • Marcus Winther-John : Andorra 2009

Source: INFE Greece

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