Cyprus: The surprise with Andrew Lambrou’s stage presentation in Liverpool!

Andrew Lambrou is in Athens, where together with the Cypriot delegation, as well as the PANIK Records team, he is in feverish preparations ahead of his participation in Eurovision 2023.

Filming for the video clip

Eurovisionfun got in touch with the people of the Cypriot delegation and we bring you all the latest information. First let’s say that the main reason for Andrew Lambrou’s visit to Athens is the filming of the video clip. While the initial plans wanted RIK to release the Cypriot entry at the end of January, the presidential elections moved any developments back a bit. So, in the next period of time, the filming of the video clip will take place, which according to our information will include both exterior and interior shots.

The director of the video clip will be Giorgos Benioudakis, who has to his credit many collaborations with almost all the popular Greek artists (A. Rammos, K. Argyros, L. Giorkas, S. Rokkos, Claudia, El. Foureira, etc. .).

The surprise with the stage presentation

The surprise held by the Cypriot delegation and coming to turn things around quite a bit are the persons who will be responsible for Andrew Lambrou’s stage presentation in Liverpool.

What we already knew is that this year Marvin Dietmann has taken over as the artistic director of the Cypriot participation for a third time in a row. But the twist we are talking about above is that this time he will not be alone.

Andrew Lambrou’s stage presentation at the M&S Bank Arena will be curated by both Marvin Dietmann and Ross Nicholson from London’s world-renowned directing team, Black Skull!

This group took on directing very large projects and great artists. One of her last jobs was Marco Mengoni’s concert at San Siro, the biggest concert venue in Italy!

When will we hear the song?

At the end of February, the suspense ends, since RIK and PANIK Records plan to publicize this year’s Cypriot song with the simultaneous release of the video clip.

The Cypriot participation hopes for a good result in this year’s contest, while slowly the country is gaining ground in the betting table, which they hope will continue even after the release of the song.

Today at the offices of PANIK Records we had the first meeting of the two representatives of Greece and Cyprus in the Eurovision contest, since for the first time since 2018 the artists representing the two countries belong to the same record label.

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for all the updates!

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