Estonia: Alika lead all rounds of Eesti Laul!

Alika won Eesti Laul 2023 and will represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest.  However, with the available results we can say that she dominated Eesti Laul since the beginning.  The singer of “Bridges” received the most  votes in all rounds of Eesti Laul. “Bridges” was also ranked first in the ranking of the international jury.

Alika received 13,141 votes for the Grand Final on Saturday.  That was more than enough to be in first place.  Runner-up Ollie received 10,280 votes and Bedwetters received 7,991 votes. The results were similar on the first round of voting for the final: Alika (8,514 votes), Ollie (6,832 votes) and Bedwetters (4,685 votes).

Janek ended in fourth place (3051 votes) and Meelik in fifth (3048 votes).  The places changed after adding  jury’s points.  The top five of the international jury were respectively: Alika, Bedwetters, Ollie, Meelik and Sissi.

Moreover Alika won her semi-final by a landslide.  She received 4364 votes, followed by Elysa (1464 votes) and Inger (918 votes). Alika, Sissi, Inger and Meelik topped the second semi-final according to the results of the public and the jury. In the additional voting round of the second semi-final, M Els advanced with 872 votes, followed by Elysa (731 votes) and Carlos Ukareda (633 votes).

Ollie got the highest result in the first Semi-final from the jury and in the tele-vote (1397 votes).  Bedwetters came in second place (1335 votes) in both the televote and the jury.   Following, Anett x Fredi got the third place, and Andreas reached the final in fourth place. In the first round of voting, Mia received the third highest voting from the public (1326 votes). In the second round of voting, Janek won with 1,535 votes, followed by Ellip (971 votes) and Merlyn (497 votes).

For the first time in Eesti Laul, people could vote for two more songs in the final. Mia (1502 votes) and Elysa (1419 votes) advanced to the final thanks to the additional voting. They were followed by Wiiralt (1064 votes), Merlyn (1058 votes) and Ellip (851 votes).


Stay tuned for more news about Estonian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

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