Eurovision 2023: Many Ukrainian artists will be involved in this year’s Eurovision!

The chairman of Suspilne, Mykola Chernotytskyi, has mentioned in a recent press conference more details about Ukraine’s involvement in Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Mykola Chernotytskyi has announced that the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine, and therefore Ukrainian artists and presenters will be actively represented in Liverpool. He hinted that there will be a host from Ukraine in Liverpool, but did not name him. Mykola Chernotytskyi comments:

Eurovision 2023 is a double challenge for our company. We have close cooperation with the BBC on a professional and strategic level, we have signed a memorandum. There will definitely be a host from Ukraine, we know who, but we can’t say. In general, the British are very open to involve Ukraine in the process as much as possible. They say that they are organizing Eurovision, but on behalf of Ukraine.

Chernotytskyi also noted that the Superunion agency in the UK and the Ukrainian creative studio Starlight Creative worked together on the Eurovision 2023 logo. “The music was commissioned from Dmytro Shurov. Many stars will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest,” Chernotytsky added.

Herman Nenov, the creative director of Eurovision 2023, said that Liverpool will include many Ukrainian artists:

There will be a large number of Ukrainian artists who will be announced in various shows. If we succeed and everything goes as we planned, I can safely say that this will probably be the largest number of involvement of Ukrainian artists in the Eurovision show compared to 2005 and 2017. There will be different roles for each one of them, it is not necessary that everyone will sing on stage. They can perform in any role. But a Ukrainian musician, the face of Ukraine, will appear in the show. Almost all Ukrainian artists who will perform in Liverpool have been involved in the song contest before.

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Kalush Orchestra and “Stefania“, the winners of Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

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Source: UA.News

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