EXCLUSIVE: When and where will we listen to “Break A Broken Heart”?

The time is coming for the reveal or the Cypriot participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song Break A Broken Heart will premiere on 2nd of March. EurovisionFun came in contact with the people of the Cypriot delegation and we will exclusively reveal to you when and where we will hear the song!

Through “‘Ομορφη Μέρα” the first presentation

The first listen of the song will take place through the morning show of the Cypriot Public Broadcaster RIK1 “‘Ομορφη Μέρα” with the host Elpida Iakovidou. According to our information, at 08:55 CET in the morning and shortly before the end of the show, Break A Broken Heart will be presented at the Cypriot Public Broadcaster.

Later on, specifically at 09:00 CET in the morning, the song will be uploaded to the PANIK RECORDS YouTube Channel and it will be available on all digital platforms, where you can already order it. You can find the pre-purchase link here.

Andrew Lambrou’s surprise for eurofans!

However, Andrew Lambrou’s big surprise for the eurofans will take place earlier! Before the premiere of the videoclip on the PANIK YouTube channel, Andrew will be live on YouTube to answer our questions about his song and etc.

We want to remind you that the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2023 was produced by the following creators, all of them with the extensive experience in the competition:

  • Thomas Stengaard : Denmark 2013, Germany 2018, Germany 2019, San Marino 2021, Cyprus 2021, Azerbaijan 2022
  • Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt : Sweden 2021, San Marino 2021, Cyprus 2021
  • Jimmy Jansson : Denmark 2020
  • Marcus Winther-John : Andorra 2009

The video clip of the song was directed by Giorgos Benioudakis, as you read exclusively through our website, while Martin Dietmann and Ross Nicholson will be responsible for Andrew’s stage presentation in Liverpool.

You can find the lyrics of Break A Broken Heart in our previous article. Alongside, you can listen to a snippet of the song that has already been released via TikTok.


Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for all the news regarding Cyprus’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

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