France: “Évidemment” by La Zarra is out now! | Listen to it here!

On January 12, through a special press conference, the French national broadcaster France Télévisions announced its representative for Eurovision 2023.

The 25-year-old singer, La Zarra, will raise the French flag in the United Kingdom, claiming the coveted victory for the French.

As we have already informed you in a previous article, the song that La Zarra will have to perform in Liverpool, at Eurovision Song Contest 2023, was expected to be released today, Sunday February 19. The song “Évidemment” is already out and you can listen to it below:

Who is La Zarra;

Fatima Zahra Hafdi, better known as La Zarra, was born in Montreal, Canada.  She got notoriety for her collaboration with rapper Niro in 2016 with the song “Printemps blanc”.  She debut as a solo singer in 2021 with the song “Tu t’en iras” (You’ll go away) in 2021. La Zarra received a nomination at the 2021 NRJ Awards in the category “Francophone Revelation”. She has also topped playlist in various streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify.

Did you like the French entry song “Évidemment” that will be performed by La Zarra at the Eurovision song contest this year, held in Liverpool? Leave your comment below!

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