Greece: ERT’s participation fee for Eurovision 2023 | How much did it increase from last year?

Greece’s participation fee in Eurovision 2023 has increased by approximately 20,000 Euros, according to the official data published today.

Specifically, according to the decision posted on Diaugia, ERT’s participation fee in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest amounts to 150,142 Euros, increased by approximately 20,000 Euros compared to last year.

This of course happened due to the reduced number of countries participating in Eurovision 2023, but also due to the withdrawal of Russia from the EBU, which every year paid one of the largest participation fees, based on its size and population.

The participation fee of each country in the Eurovision contest is different and has to do mainly with the population, but also with other quantitative criteria. The Big 5 who qualify directly to the final (United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Germany), pay the highest entry fees and therefore have this right, i.e. to be directly in the grand final.

You can see the relevant decision HERE.

Of course, the above 150,142 is only the cost of the participation fee and does not include the additional costs that the public television will incur (travel, accommodation, stage presentation, booth rental, etc.). In the last two years the total budget for Eurovision amounted to approximately 400,000 Euros.

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