Italy: Blanco’s case to go to court after Sanremo outburst!

This year’s Sanremo has been and will continue to be talked about due to events during the performances of the participating artists and not only, with Blanco‘s guest appearance during the first night of the Festival being a prime example.

Blanco’s appearance made rounds on media inside and outside of Italy, as the artist, in a move that is still debated as to whether it was planned or not, destroyed the flower sets that had been placed as props for his performance, which resulted to damages on the Ariston stage.

Reactions to this move were not limited to the reaction of the public and fans but have now taken a dramatic turn, with the Prosecutor’s Office of Imperia investigating the case on the charge of destruction of property at a public event, a charge punishable by one to five years in prison. The case is expected to go to court in Imperia.

Aside from Blanco, a second legal case is unfolding starring Rosa Chemical and Fedez, over the kiss they shared during contestant Rosa Chemical’s appearance on the final night of the Festival.

Specifically, a representative of the organization Pro Vita & Famiglia (Pro-Life & Family) filed a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office of Sanremo, arguing that

“(That of Rosa Chemical and Fedez) is a behavior of unprecedented gravity, which has led to a wave of general indignation for the shame, discomfort and revulsion caused by the vulgarity of behavior in the sexual sphere.”

The organization’s lawyer argues that the kiss between the two artists violates articles 529 and 527 of the Criminal Code regarding obscene acts and objects and obscene acts in a public place respectively. Added to the charges is the violation of laws on the protection of minors with regard to the material shown on television until 11 o’clock at night.

For all of the above, RAI seems to be at risk of a fine of up to 600 thousand euros, in the event that it is found guilty.

Sources: escbubble/escbubble, imusicfun

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