Italy: Terza Serata of Sanremo 2023 tonight!

The Sanremo 2023 festival continues tonight with the Terza Serata (third night). All 28 contestants will be performing their songs for the second time, after presenting them for the first time some during the first night, others during the second.

For the results of Seconda Serata see our related article!

The show

On the Ariston stage, Amadeus will not be alone. On each night, as we know, he will have different co-hosts by his side. In Terza Serata he will be joined by Paola Egonu and Gianni Morandi.

Among the guests of the third night will be the big winners of Sanremo and Eurovision 2021, Måneskin!

Tonight’s program

On the third night, all 28 songs that will take part in this year’s festival will be presented for the second time! In the list below you will see the 28 artists and their nominated songs for Sanremo 2023:

The voting

Tonight’s results will be determined by the voting of the demoscopic jury and the Italian public.


The two rankings from the first two nights were combined. The standings so far after the first two nights of Sanremo 2023 based on the journalistic jury are as follows:

  1. Marco Mengoni
  2. Colapesce e Dimartino
  3. Madame
  4. Tananai
  5. Elodie
  6. Coma_Cose
  7. Lazza
  8. Giorgia
  9. Rosa Chemical
  10. Ultimo
  11. Leo Gassman
  12. Mara Sattei
  13. Colla Zio
  14. Paola & Chiara
  15. I Cugini di Campgna
  16. Levante
  17. Mr.Rain
  18. Articolo 31
  19. Gianluca Grignani
  20. Ariete
  21. Modà
  23. Olly
  24. LDA
  25. Will
  26. Anna Oxa
  27. Shari
  28. Sethu

How to watch Sanremo 2023

The Terza Serata of Sanremo 2023 will take place tonight at 21:00 CET and will last four and a half hours. You can watch him through the official website of RAI, by clicking HERE.

So, those of you who are fans of Italian music and have patience in the Italian shows with many guests, endless sometimes dialogues and any other kind of interference that can make the show end even after 2 in the morning, tune in with us to the great celebration of Italian music, from which great international stars started their careers!

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for the full coverage of the 73rd Sanremo Festival.

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