Italy: The detailed results of Sanremo 2023

After the Grand Final of  Sanremo 2023 and the victory of Marco Mengoni, the detailed results for all the nights of the Festival have been published.

On the third night when we heard the 28 songs for the second time – the TV audience and the polling committee voted, where Ultimo was ranked first. The television audience had him first with a percentage of 18.83%, while the polling committee ranked him only 11th. The difference was also big for Giorgia, whom the polling committee had in 6th place, while the public only in 12th. Elodie did not impress the audience and was ranked 13th. Finally, LDA who was 9th in the audience, came 22nd in the panel. All this resulted in the two singers losing several places in the general ranking and LDA rising quite a bit.

On the night of the duets, a panel of polls and a panel of journalists gave first place to Giorgia. The audience, however, had a different opinion, ranking her 4th. Elodie also did better in the committees compared to the public. Mr Rain who came 5th in the audience was only 25th in the panel of journalists. Ariete was in last place on both committees, while in the TV audience she finished 7th.

As for the night of the final it seems that the TV audience was the one who deprived Giorgia of a place in the super final by ranking her 9th in the first round of voting. In the super final Marco Mengoni came first in both the TV audience and the committees, while Ultimo was second in the audience and last in the journalists’ committee.

Overall, the TV audience was most supportive of:

  • Ultimo
  • Mr. Rain
  • Fashion
  • Ariete
  • LDA

And cast more of them:

  • Giorgia
  • Elodie
  • Colapesce Dimartino
  • Coma_Cose
  • Paola and Chiara
  • Leo Gassmann

Overall, the winner Marco Mengoni was favored by both the TV audience and the committees, something very important for a good result at the Sanremo Festival. Two other artists who achieved this were Lazza and Tananai.

Marco Mengoni has confirmed his participation in Eurovision 2023, now it remains to be seen whether he will go with Due Vite or change his song.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun regarding all the developments of Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

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