Loreen: “Euphoria was the moonlight and Tattoo is the sunrise” | Exclusive Interview |

Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen spoke exclusively to Eurovisionfun and Andreas Papagiannakis from Malmö, Sweden about her participation in Melodifestivalen 2023 with the song “Tattoo”!

She declares that she is particularly happy and excited about her return to Melodifestivalen and when asked about re-collaborating with the creators of the winning Euphoria, Loreen said:

“It’s wonderful! They know how to write a song and specifically a song for a dynamic voice. It was also very simple and easy as they sent me the song and it took me 45 minutes to record it to get to feel it!”

Then she revealed to us that they wrote the song exclusively for her! About her return to Melodifestivalen, 6 years after her last appearance with “Statements”, she said the following:

“All humans are constantly evolving! Every creation of mine was a reflection of my then self! In Euphoria I was in a very spiritual period, while in Statements I wanted a strong political tone and I wanted to fight for what I had to! Now I feel like we need to bring some light into our lives!”

“The song is dramatic and obviously has a big climax!”

About her stage presence, Loreen revealed to us:

“Spirituality will definitely be there! Euphoria was the sunset and the moon, while Tattoo is the sunrise!”

“I want the viewer to be able to interpret my appearance as he wants! You will see another side of me”

You can enjoy Loreen’s entire interview below:

@eurovisionfn H @Loreen διαβάζει Eurovisionfun.com , η νικήτρια της Eurovision 2012 επέστρεψε και θα προσπαθήσει να εκπροσωπήσει τη Σουηδία στη Eurovision 2023 ❤️ #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision #melodifestivalen2023 #melodifestivalen #loreeneuphoria #loreen #fyp #fy ♬ Euphoria – Loreen

Many thanks to Loreen for the exclusive interview and we wish her the best of luck!

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