Luke Black: Eurovision is very conceptual and elaborate | Exclusive Interview

Luke Black from Serbia gave an exclusive interview to EurovisionFun and Paschalis, talking about his song “Samo mi se spava“. Luke Black is taking part with this song in this year’s Pesma za evroviziju, hoping to represent Serbia in Eurovision 2023.

Who is Luke Black?

I’m a musician from Serbia that has been making music for quite a while. I don’t write much, but when I write I decide to make it a project and then I release it. I was born in a small town in Serbia and spent my early years in Belgrade. I live in London and that’s where the learning process for me started. I do electronic pop music that flirts with different styles and genres from project to project.

When I started, I used to listen to british pop and rock and music like David Bowie and then the Beatles. My inspiration was John Lennon. When I was a teenager I discovered Lady Gaga and I guess my music taste has changed since then. I still haven’t found anyone else with such an impact to my creativity as Lady Gaga.

Some things about the song

Samo mi se spava means I just wanna sleep. It’s about sleeping. I spent the last years very alieanted from the world, especially throughout the pandemic. I immersed myself into my bed, video games and anime and that’s how the song was created. It is basically about the feeling of isolation that people are feeling throughout the world. It is an embrace of the innocence. I think sleep is one of the most innocent places where one can go and feel safe outside of the world.

The song was made in 2020, in April. It was a nice collaboration I had. I worked at first with an old friend from Lebanon who lives in the US and he sent me the piano introduction of the song. With what was going on in the world melodies kept on coming. We actually finished the song in fifteen minutes on zoom. It was one of those moments of inspiration that rarely happen. Later on I worked more with a friend from Canada and colleagues from London and we elevated the track.

Last year Konstrakta sent her song and I felt it was the right time to do that. I tweeted joking about it and people felt excited said I should go, so I couldn’t say no.

Does Luke like other songs from Pesma za evroviziju?

I have listened to some of them and I was quite surprised with the amount of bangers. I was outside the musical culture of Serbia, but I’m happy that there are so many artists that do pop music in a great way. There’s a guy called Filip whose song I really like and a guy called Gipsii. Everybody is great in their way and there’s balance.

Konstrakta is a genious. Her lyrics have always been mature and thoughtful, like poetry. Before that I enjoyed Eurovision as a european contest, but I didn’t enjoy the serbian selection. I felt there wasn’t a place for me. Konstrakta definitely changed the game. I’m glad that people in my country appreciate more modern and conceptual sounds. Eurovision is very conceptual and elaborate.

What are his favorite Eurovision entries?

Maneskin is something I enjoyed. I wanted to feel more rock vibes in Eurovision and I think lots of teenagers were attracted to the singer and started to listen more to rock music.

His message to the readers and viewers

Lots of love from Serbia! I really hope you enjoy Samo mi se spava and I hope to see you in Eurovision in Liverpool this year!

We would like to thank Luke Black for his interview and wish him best of luck!

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