Lxandra: “My perfomance will be huge, dramatic with dancers!” | Exclusive Interview

Lxandra gave an interview to EurovisionFun and Giorgos Zefteridis talking about the participation in UMK 2023, her song “Something to lose” and her upcoming perfomance next week!

Lxandra, tell us some things about you as an artist.

“I am a songwritter, singer and I love all the aspects of being an artist. I like writing songs, perform and I love doing my visuals! The most important thing for me is the emotion and I want to touch the people listening to my music, just like how music helps me and my emotions.”

How did you write “Something to loose” and what does the song mean to you?

“I had some basic lyrics on my phone, I usually write while I am on the road, like walking or in the metro so it started like that. It is a very personal song and it talks about how important is to have real communication with people because loneliness is very common nowadays. Having something to loose means you have something to fight for.”

How were the reactions for your participation?

“It has been great! I usually don’t live in Finland, more people know me in the USA because that’s where I make shows and publish song, so many people here in Finland don’t know me. It is very cool seeing the Eurovision community react to my song.”

Have you thought of participating in Eurovision before?

“I used to watch Eurovision when I was a child, everyone knows Eurovision! I always liked dramatic perfomances and ballads. I had talked before with UMK to participate in the past but I was not sure. UMK now has been updated, the perfomances, the video- clips so I decided to do it. Also, at that stage of my career, I don’t have the chance to perform on such big shows like Eurovision so it is a great oppurtinity and honour for me. I thought that if i find the right song, I would do it! We wrote “Something to loose” in Los Angeles and it’s not the biggest ballad I’ve written before but the meaning and the feeling of the song is very important because the perfomance will be authentic and so me, so I chose this song. I had written more “Eurovision” tracks before, but I just went with the flow and my heart.

Could you tell us something things about your UMK perfomance?

“On the video- clip there is some dancing, so I’m preparing myself for the perfomance that will have a lot of movement, five dancers and will be very dramatic. It will start slowly and then it will end up in something huge. I am very excited about the perfomance cause it will be huge, from the movement, to the visuals, the sound, the dramatic direction, those are all things that inspire me a lot and I am very excited. It will be theatrical!”

Is there any other song that stand out to you in UMK 2023?

“I like them all, they are all huge hits! Many different tracks, pop ones, crazy ones and also my ballad. I think it will be an awesome year, I have no idea who will win. Most people in Finland expect Kaarija to win UMK but we do not know until the perfomances!”

At the end she mentioned that she is doing a lot of vocal practice because she will sing the song in a different more dramatic way and that her favourite Finnish entry is Blind Channel (2021). Of course, she sang to us a small part of “Something to loose“! You can watch the full interview below:

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