Malta: MESC 2023 semi-finalists will be announced tonight!

Malta is one step closer to naming its representative in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, as the names of the 24 semi-finalists who will compete in the semi-final on 9 February will be announced today.

As is well known, the three MESC 2023 qualifiers took place over the past three weeks, through which the island nation will choose the artist to represent it in Liverpool. However, based on the decision of the Maltese Public Television, the results are to be announced today.

Today’s show will essentially include a recap of the 39 songs that competed in the three qualifiers of MESC 2023. Afterwards, the names of the 24 semi-finalists will be announced. We remind you that eight songs from each qualifier are going to qualify for next Thursday’s semi-final, claiming a place in Saturday’s grand final.

The results to be announced during tonight’s show are based on audience and jury voting. Public voting opens tonight. The same process is to be chosen for both the semi-final and the grand final which will determine the Maltese representative in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.


The 39 artists who competed in the three qualifiers of MESC 2023 and will find out tonight if they will continue their presence in the process are:

  1. Andre’ – “Broken Hill”
  2. Bradley Debono – “Blackout”
  3. Brooke – “Checkmate”
  4. Cheryl Balzan – “La La Land”
  5. Chris Grech – “Indescribable”
  6. Christian Arding “Eku ċar”
  7. Clintess – “Lura qatt”
  8. Dan – “It’ll Be OK”
  9. Dario – “Pawn in a Game”
  10. Dario Bezzina – “Bridle Road”
  11. Dominic and Anna – “Whatever Wind May Blow”
  12. Eliana Gomez Blanco – “Guess What”
  13. Fabrizio Faniello “Try to Be Better”
  14. Francesca Sciberras – “Masquerade”
  15. Geo Debono – “The Mirror”
  16. Giada – “I Depend on You”
  17. Greta Tude – “Sound of My Stilettos”
  18. Haley – “Tik Tok”
  19. Ian“On My Own”
  20. Jake – “Love You Like That”
  21. James Louis – “Dream”
  22. Jason ScerriAnything Can Happen”
  23. Jessika – “Unapologetic”
  24. John Galea – “Trailblazer”
  25. Kirstie – “Girls Get Down”
  26. Klinsmann – “Piranha”
  27. Lyndsay – “Haunted”
  28. Maria Christina – “Our Flame”
  29. Maria Debono – “X’allegrija”
  30. Marie Claire – “Thankful”
  31. Mark Anthony Bartolo – “Tears”
  32. Matt Blxck – “Up”
  33. Maxine Pace – “Alone”
  34. Mikhail – “Leħen fiċ-ċpar”
  35. Nathan – “Creeping Walls”
  36. Ryan Hili – “In the Silence”
  37. Stefan – “Heartbreaker”
  38. Stefan Xuereb“What Do You Want?”
  39. The Busker – “Dance (Our Own Party)”

MESC 2023 tonight’s show starts at 21:00 CET. You can watch it through the TVM channel by clicking HERE.

Until we know who will represent Malta at Eurovision 2023, let’s remember the country’s participation in last year’s competition. Last year’s MESC winner was Emma Muscat with “Out of Sight”. She finally represented Malta at Eurovision 2022 with the song “I Am what I Am” without being able to qualify for the Grand Final finishing in 16th place in the second semi-final with 47 points:

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool!

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