Marco Mengoni: I will go to Eurovision if I win Sanremo!

He already represented Italy during the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö and he confirms he is open to represent his country one more time.  Marco Mengoni is currently competing at the traditional Festival di Sanremo which is also the Italian national final.

It is worth mentioning that winning Sanremo does not automatically mean that the winner will go to Eurovision.  However, in recent years the winner of Sanremo has accepted the invitation to represent Italy in the music contest.

When he talked with La Stampa newspaper, Marco Mengoni made it clear that he is not only ready to represent his country again but also, that he had good memories from his previous Eurovision experience

Sure and (the song) “Due Vite” would look good there too, it’s like the wind, it looks good everywhere.  After the 2013 Sanremo victory and participating in Eurovision, I started traveling to half of Europe.  I have a fan base outside Italy, their warmth reaches me every day. I would gladly return.

When Marco Mengoni represented Italy for the first time he was facing professional difficulties.  In an interview for La Republicca he reflected about that period

In 2013 I didn’t expect to win, many already considered me finished, nobody believed in us, it seemed to me I was fighting against everyone and everything.  I even thought about going back to university, music would always be part of my life but it wouldn’t be my job.

Marco Mengoni is one of the favourites to win Sanremo 2023 according to the betting predictions.

Marco Mengoni represented Italy for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song “L’essenziale”.  He ended up in 7th place in the Grand Final

Source: Eurofestival news

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