Netherlands: Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper song to be released on March 1!

Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper’s eurovision song will premier on March 01, 2023.

Dutch broadcaster AVOTROS made the announcement.   The duo was internally selected to represent the Netherlands in Liverpool.  Both Nicolai and Cooper are credited as songwriters along with Dutch Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence and his partner Jordan Garfield.

Mia Nicolai has been involved in music since the early age of three.  She has lived in London, Melbourne, Mexico, and currently resides in Los Angeles.  In 2020 she released her first single “Set Me Free”.  After that she released “Mutual Needs” as a second single which was aired in Zane Lowe Radio show.

Dion Cooper, 28 started playing the guitar when he was 15.  In 2021, he released his first EP “Too Young Too Dumb”.

The Netherlands was represented by S10 in Eurovision 2022 with the song “De diepte”.  S10 finished in 11th place in the Grand Final

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