Norway: Ten countries on the MGP jury

MGP leader Stig Karlsen was invited to escNorge. There he revealed more details about Saturday’s Grand Final and the voting.

50 people on the jury

This year, the jury returns to MGP. Saturday’s voting will be quite similar to what we are used to at Eurovision. Initially, ten countries will vote. Each of the countries is represented by a jury consisting of five people from the music industry.

They will first give their scores and rank from 1 to 9. As we know, there are nine songs in the final. These countries have not yet been announced.

When the jury’s scores are given, the votes of the country’s public will be added to the score as in Eurovision. More details on the graphics and scoring system will be revealed on Saturday.

Also, Stig Karlsen said that the song presentations will be largely the same as the semi-finals, but that they will obviously have more light as we will be in a bigger arena and differences in camera angles that will show the huge audience of 8,500 spectators.

Check out our YouTube channel for our reactions to the MGP final songs:

Also on our channel you will see interviews with artists from Norway, but also from other countries!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all Eurovision related developments!

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