Norway: With Alessandra Mele and the “Queen of Kings” in Liverpool!

After the three semi-final rounds, the 2023 edition of the Melodi Grand Prix came to its end with the Grand Final which once again determined the representative of the Scandinavian kingdom at the upcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest which is going to take place in Liverpool, the United Kingdom in May.  The final show took place in Trondheim Spektrum.

9 artists competed for the gold ticket that leads to Liverpool. This year’s Final was quite different in comparison to the previous editions. For the very first time the auto-tune technology was introduced while the final result was determined after four years again by the combination of the votes from the televoting and from the international jury.

The hosts of the show were Arian Engebø and Stian Thorbjørnsen

The participants

The 9 finalists of the show were as follows:

  1. JONE — “Ekko inni meg” (Echo in me)
  2. Eline Thorp — Not Meant to Be
  3. Skrellex — Love Again
  4. Ulrikke Brandstorp – “Honestly“
  5. Umami Tsunami – “Geronimo“
  6. Atle Pettersen — Masterpiece” 
  7. Swing’it — “Prohibition”
  8. Elsie Bay — “Love you in a dream”
  9. Alessandra Mele – Queen of Kings“

After the performances of the aforementioned artists, we enjoyed last year’s winners Subwoolfers who also removed the masks and revealed their real faces. The people behind the masks are Gaute Ormåsen and Ben Adams as we have mentioned almost a year ago in our article here.


The votes of the international jury were announced and afterwards the televoting points were added up.

The 10 countries that formed the international jury were the United Kingdom, Finland, Azerbaijan, Spain, Ukraine, Czechia, France, Iceland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

After the votes of the jury the first part of the voting process was as per below

With the aggregation of the votes from the jury and the televoting, the representative of Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is Alessandra Mele.

Alessandra Mele and Norway are going to participate in the first half of the first semi-final which is scheduled on 9th of May. Do you think that Norway is going to achieve a better placement than last year’s 10th place? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned on for all the developments regarding the Norwegian entry at the upcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. 


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