The Netherlands: Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper share hints about their participation!

Just three days before the release of their song, Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper, who will represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2023, have revealed some information about the meaning of their song.

The song they will perform in Liverpool is co-written by Duncan Laurence (Eurovision 2019 winner) and his partner Jordan Garfield.

As a brief explanation of the meaning of their song they posted the following:

The Foundation of our song

What makes us human?
We all know life can be tough. It can feel impossible, draining and lonely.
But we’re not alone. We’re more the same than we are different.

If we can let go of what doesn’t serve us and grow from it as individuals and as a society, then we can create a world that’s rooted in love, connection and expression.

A world that everyone has a place in.

We can build a new life by learning from our past and focusing on a new and brighter future.

Here’s to that future.

Mia Nicolai is 26 years old and her interest in music started at the age of three. After living in London, Melbourne and Mexico, she moved to Los Angeles where she is now residing. Her first single called “Set Me Free” was released in 2020. Her second single “Mutual Needs” was broadcast on the Zane Lowe Radio Show.

Dion Cooper is 28 years old and has been playing guitar since he was 15. He released his first EP, “Too Young to be Dumb” in 2021.

As a reminder, Mia & Dion’s song will be released on Wednesday, March 1


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