THEOZ: “Hopefully you will see me again at Melodifestivalen with an English song!” | Exclusive interview!

The 17-year-old Swedish heartthrob THEOZ, who is an artist, dancer and actor with over 2 million followers from all over the world on social media, debuted last year at Melodifestivalen 2022 by placing seventh. For a second year in a row he hopes to be selected to represent Sweden , with the song ”Mer av Dig” which is one of the favourites to qualify to the final at this weeks semi-final show.

Eurovisionfun is in Stockholm and THEOZ welcomed us at the headquarters of Warner Music Sweden and spoke exclusively to Andreas Papagiannakis, one day before he leaves for Örnsköldsvik to compete at the semi-final show this Saturday March the 4th! He commented on his appearance this year, the prospect of him touring internationally and one of the writers of his song Axel Schylström who also participated at the 4th heat with his song “Gorgeous”.

He is thrilled to be back at the contest and to experience all this adventure again, getting able to do what he loves the most: music.

He has felt the change over the years and after his experience at Melodifestivalen and also mentions:

I feel much more confident both in myself and my music too. I toured throughout Sweden during the summer and that made me feel relaxed and not so nervous anymore when I am on stage.

As for the prospect of him touring internationally, he commented:

It’s one of my biggest dreams to have a tour outside of Sweden, but currently it’s hard, as most of my songs are in Swedish. So maybe in the future, I hope that this dream will come true one day.

Axel Schylström is one of the writers of his 2023 and 2022 entries. THEOZ feels glad and comfortable that he collaborates with Axel again and he adds:

We are very close with Axel and he knows me as a person, so we have a very good connection. I really like to work with him, he has also written me other songs from my disgography, I think we are a good team.

Would there be any changes in his staging in the next show? THEOZ says that most of the time it’s hard to make any changes to a number, even if they are minor and also states:

I hope I can do changes, some minor improvements. I haven’t planned anything yet. But maybe I would do a big change if I advance to the final.

It was very big for him to perform at the 2nd Heat in Linköping, which is his hometown:

I feel like I was a little bit more nervous, because I had to do my best for the crowd in my hometown. But it was very cool. I was just out there living my best life. That time on stage in Linköping was my best time on stage, was so much fun and made me have many emotions to represent my hometown right in my hometown.

He had never performed in Örnsköldsvik before and he feels excited for this first time, next Saturday.

With regards to this year’s Melodifestivalen songs, he loves “Never Give Up” by Maria Sur and of course “Tattoo” by Loreen, he was totally shocked seeing Loreen’s performance on stage.

Watch our full exlcusive interview with THEOZ below:

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