Albania: Details about Albina & Familja Kelmendi’s stage performance revealed!

The composer of “Duje”, gave an interview to RTSH, the public broadcaster of Albania, and revealed some first details about the stafing of the Alba nnian entry for Eurovision 2023.

Eriona Rushiti, who is the composer behind the Albanian song, talking about “Duje” and its staging, explained that the live performance that we are going to see on Liverpool isbeing made with great interest:

“This year, they are working very well for the stage. Especially since there are six people on stage, everything must be correct, the message must be conveyed clearly. I hope that the live song will have a lot of impact.”

Also, talking about this year’s stage director, Sacha Jean-Baptiste, she stated that:

“Sacha has been with her group in Pristina for a week. They work with every frame … how we will move the cameras and the lights. She worked with the choreography for all six members. I believe it will be very nice.”

Eriona Rushiti, also talked a bit about the revamp of the song and the reason it took place in Istanbul:

“That particular studio was chosen due to the fact that it was possible to use the “live” string orchestra and many instruments that were needed for the song. Especially since they know our culture. We couldn’t choose a studio from another country that doesn’t know our beat and the culture we have. The song took on a more modern spirit. We stayed true to the version that was presented at the RTSH Festival, but some other elements were strengthened.”

Albina & Familja Kelmendi are going to perform in the seconf half of the second semi-final of Eurovision 2023 in May 11.

Below you can watch our reaction video to “Duje”:


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